About Us

Conceptualize… Think… Create… Produce… Execute… This… is the anthem of A. M. FILMS & ADVERTISING….
This… is the code by which we exist!
The Power of the moving images is the power that moves us. Welcome to A. M. Films & Advertising

  1. M. Films & Advertising carries the distinction of not only being one of the oldest but also one of the most dependable Film Production House involved in Audio-Visual production and communication for National and International companies, both governmental as well as private in nature.

We spend every second of our time in pursuance of perfection – to achieve finality, closure and totality in satisfaction of our clients.

  1. M. Films & Advertising proudly boasts of a dedicated staff of hard boiled, zealous and ever ready individuals, who find bliss in the garrisons of their work place; the seats they refuse to vacate until the job is done; and failure… is not an option!

Uncompromising Professionalism

To deliver impact and smoothy execute all the phases of the fourfold strategy that we employ, we insist at all times on the following:

Creativity in Concept

Transparency in Operations

Quality in Execution

Cost and Time Management

Reliability in Functioning

Liaisons with all Relevant Authorities

The fourfold strategy followed with tall the points mentioned above helps us achieve

Professionalism and makes real our vision of being moved by the power of the moving image.